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Designed Securities Ltd. Review, www.designedwealthmanagement.ca

by J3n
Designed Securities Ltd. Review

About Designed Securities Ltd.

Designed Securities Ltd. (DSL) is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (“IIROC”). DSL is offering a large list of services and can help invest them in the stock market, cryptomarket, currency pairs, and many others and is licensed to sell equity securities, bonds, mutual funds, GICs and other securities. The company provides full expert assistance for its clients. As well they promise to share the needed information for traders to increase their own abilities in trading.  DSL is headquartered in Canada, on 150 King Street West, Suite 340, Toronto, ON, M5H 3T9.

Designed Securities Ltd. Review


Contact Information:

web: www.designedwealthmanagement.ca
email: info@designedwealthmanagement.ca
phone: (833) 739 – 9426

DSL Accounts

DSL provides three types of accounts:

  • Beginner — where the minimum deposit is 250€. Available leverage is 1:30;
  • Gold — minimum deposit for this account is 5,000€, also they get leverage of 1:300;
  • Platinum — this account can be opened in the amount of 25,000€. The leverage of 1:500 is what the client gets after the activation.
Designed Securities Ltd. Review


DSL account fees, trading fees and advisor charges are simple. With strategic pricing they support different practice sizes, customize to different business models, and have a long term commitment to the flat fee model.

DSL Platform

Designed Securities Ltd. clients can use Qtrade — Canada’s #1 online trading platform that offers trading for advisors as well as a solution for clients. Easy to use and powerful, Qtrade’s online trading platform puts you in full control with tools and resources that help you make well-informed decisions. The advantages of using Qtrade are:

Designed Securities Ltd. Review


DSL believes that the solutions they offer you should support that relationship as much as possible. They choose integrated systems with top of line account onboarding and superior account access and trading systems, to allow you to spend less time in systems and more time with your clients.

As we could understand right now there are a lot of companies in the financial markets, especially engaged in online trading. On the one hand, we can choose a company from the variety that we can find on the market, on the other hand, it’s so hard to find a company that deserves ours and your trust. So we look for people that interact with the DSL  company, in order for us and many other beginners to make an opinion based on personal experience. Thanks for reading DSL  Broker Review.

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3 комментария

Kappel Christian 9 мая, 2022 - 8:45 дп

The DSL company does not provide anything useful and valuable, moreover, it also forces you to pay more and more. When I registered, the main argument for me was the availability of a training base, because I know not too much about financial markets. The first stage turned out to be that training is available only after registration, and the second is that you must first replenish your account with at least a minimum amount. Well, you see, even $200 is a pretty big amount. In general, the knowledge that the company gives is not worth the money.

Schmieg Tom 10 мая, 2022 - 6:18 пп

The company is very dishonest. The broker offers very tempting conditions for work – more than a hundred assets (not only metals and stocks, but even energy resources), support for mobile devices and training for novice traders. In reality, they provide basic information that is available on the Internet through the first links from search engines, it is clear that in work a beginner is faced with completely different issues and problems that are not covered in training. Technical support is of little help, mostly switching between employees – a waste of time. As a result, while you figure it out yourself by trial and error, you will lose tangible amounts of money. I think that this is an indicator of the broker’s attitude towards clients.

Seib Thomas 11 мая, 2022 - 4:20 дп

Absolutely inadmissible treatment from this broker, after i sign up an account they asked a lot of documents from, but of course this is not the problem. They verified them for more than 3 days, during this time and after i did not hear anything from them, after 6 days i was asked for another document. Six days have passed since i wanted to open my account. My initial plan was to invest in the stock market but because of their lack of professionalism, i’ve lost 1,450$. I’m disappointed on this company. Now I don’t need their services anymore.


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