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CTI Capital Securities Review, www.cticap.com

by J3n
CTI Capital Securities Review

 About CTI Capital Securities

CTI Capital Securities Inc. is a full-service investment dealer providing execution, research and investment counseling services. The Company offers its services to institutional and private investors, enterprises, and government agencies. CTI  customers is composed of institutional and private investors, enterprises, and government agencies. The Company is based in Canada, on 1175 Avenue Bernard, Suite 203, Montreal, Québec, H2V 1V5.

CTI Capital Securities Review


Contact Information:

web: http://cticap.com
phone: 514-861-3500

CTI Accounts

CTI provides three types of accounts:

  • “Beginner” – From 1.000$, leverage up to 1:20, instant execution, cryptocurrency, and metal trading;
  • “Amateur” – From $25,000, leverage up to 1:50 added investment in PAMM accounts, ETFs, and indices, no swaps;
  • “Professional” – From 50.000$, leverage up to 1:100, the conditions of two other accounts included. With insurance and deposit protection, personal manager, PAMM-account, 24/7 assistance.
CTI Capital Securities Review


The company has the following terms and conditions:
  • trading from mobile phones;
  • deposit and withdraw commission-free;
  • instant execution of trades;
  • market quotes;
  • assistance from experts and analysts.

Also, on the website, you can find a trade calculator and economic news. To start trading on the platform, you need to open an account and make a deposit. Methods of deposit and withdrawal are not specified in the terms and conditions.

CTI Advantages

At CTI Capital Securities, competent advisors are passionate problem solvers. They do not accept the status quo and are constantly looking to achieve what others think is impossible.

There are various reviews about CTI Capital Securities, some of them you can see below. As well you can also share your opinion about this company. Finally, this is very important for everyone that already trades with CTI Capital Securities or is about to do it. Thanks for reading CTI Capital Securities Review.

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Areberger Marco May 7, 2022 - 6:13 am

They are crooks, not a broker! You should immediately pay attention to the fact that they are registered as an offshore, like many other unscrupulous Forex brokers. The license is fake and the website is templated. I think that’s enough to make you think twice. Don’t transfer any money to them unless you want to say goodbye to them forever.

Lager Ronny May 8, 2022 - 9:52 am

I get the impression that CTI is blatantly lying about having 60,000 traders. Or they are counting people who have bailed on them because of missing money. This is an offshore broker with no license. As you know, such companies often do not pay their clients and this one is no exception. I have seen reviews of people saying that the company does not allow withdrawal of funds. This is not surprising, typical offshore garbage.

Tempel Marc May 9, 2022 - 3:27 am

I had a sad experience with these scammers. I wanted, like many people, to make money and ended up losing it. I opened an account with this pseudo-broker and deposited money there. The manager contacted me and offered me an excellent program but I had to pay extra money. I paid the money into my account, and all my trades ended up in the red. And it’s all thanks to the fraudulent employees of this organization! First they tricked me into giving them money and then they just cheated me! I don’t know what to do now, maybe with the help of charjback it will be possible to get my money back. Do not believe their empty promises, this is just a trick to get you to agree to transfer them as much money as possible! I hope my experience will help someone.


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