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Phillip Capital Inc. Review, www.phillipcapital.com

by J3n
Phillip Capital Inc. Review

About Phillip Capital

Phillip Capital Inc. operates as a brokerage firm. The Company buys and sells securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment products. Phillip Capital provides access to all the major Asian exchanges and global exchanges through the PhillipCapital network of companies. The company supports full expert assistance for its clients. As well they promise to share the needed information for traders to increase their own abilities in trading.  That means a higher level of knowledge that you can achieve with them. In fact, we would like to see more details about their financial history in the past. This can help to make an objective conclusion about their origins. Phillip Capital  is based in Chicago, IL and located at the historic Chicago Board of Trade building.

Phillip Capital Inc. Review


Contact details:

web: www.phillipcapital.com
email: etrading@phillipcapital.com
phone: 312 356 9000

Phillip Capital Service

PhillipCapital services the following customer groups:

Phillip Capital Inc. Review


PhillipCapital provides clearing services (execution, clearing, currency conversions and others) for local and overseas financial institutions across twenty-six exchanges.  The Company has direct clearing relationships with 30 exchanges worldwide and gives access to nearly 2000 traded  products. PhillipCapital Group has more than 1 million customers. In the US PhillipCapital offers account types of all sizes, with a minimum deposit of $5,000* for US accounts and $5,000 for non-US accounts.

Phillip Capital Inc. Review


Phillip Capital Benefits

The Company is proud of its financial stability and position as a strong global FCM. The PhillipCapital Group provides in-house, 24 hour execution through Chicago and Singapore offices. Their 24 hour risk team works with clients to navigate the ever changing futures markets. Also, PhillipCapital holds customer’s monies in segregated and secured accounts, so the clients funds are kept separate from company house funds.

Meanwhile, we ask ex-clients and of course, existent clients to share their experiences and the point of view about the company Phillip Capital Inc. Only this can help further clients to make a wise decision. Also is a possibility for the company to improve their level of provided services.

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3 комментария

Pochert Bernd 4 мая, 2022 - 11:48 дп

PhillipCapital was created by anonymous scammers in order to deceive people on the Internet, taking their money for themselves. The first time I saw the company purely by chance, a friend threw off the link, I don’t know how he found it, but the fact is the fact. I decided to score reviews on the Internet, and as it turned out, there were no reviews at that time. But now that I’m writing this review, reviews are gradually starting to appear. And if I completely agree with the negative ones, absolutely with everyone. The positive ones just kill. It can be seen that they are being scribbled to order. Apparently, the brokerage sharashka is already beginning to advertise its fraudulent activities in this way. Here is a clear sign for you that this is not a brokerage site, but stupidly weaning the dough. I hope that people will understand that there is no need to transfer money here, in any case.

Hartmann Andreas 5 мая, 2022 - 5:33 дп

The broker reveals less information about its activity, as well as the trading parameters for traders if they want to trade here. I don’t like it, I think this is the most important bad sign. It’s better not to trade in places like PhillipCapital. I can’t say for sure if this is a fraudulent organization or if it works honestly, but I can definitely tell you that the potential risk of losing all your money here is very high. I think it’s about 100%. I suggest you think about this, and it is better to cooperate with a real broker. There are plenty of them, you can easily check in broker ratings and find suitable companies there. Also know that you will not find this broker in the ranking of the best firms because the company is also little known, no one knows anything about it. Even information in Google is practically missing, there are several sites where there are pages dedicated to this broker, and that’s it. For your own good of saving your own funds, it is better to avoid this company.

Martheley Ludovic 5 мая, 2022 - 6:12 дп

More than one year ago i had an account with PhillipCapital. At first look everything should go fine, my documents were fine and i even got an agent that from time to time helped me in my trades. That’s why i was more shocked when they just shut down my acc. With no explanation, no answers to my calls and emails. I would like to aware other people before they start to get in touch with this company.


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