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IG Group Review, www.ig.com

by J3n
IG Group Review

About IG

These days it is very important to make the proper choice when we speak about our finances. As a result, we have many trading and investment companies that compete with each other. One of the topics of our review today, I’m speaking about IG, an innovative platform full of trading tools. The company promises to help its clients in reaching the tops of financial markets. IG is a world-leading online trading and investments provider, giving the client access to opportunities across 17,000 financial markets through intuitive platforms and apps. The company enable thousands of traders to seize their opportunity on indices, forex, shares and more using CFDs. Bank clients include brokers, fund managers and trading companies as well as private and institutional investors. IG is headquartered in United Kingdom, on Cannon Bridge House 25 Dowgate Hill, London EC4R 2YA.

IG Group Review


Contact details

Web: www.ig.com
Email: helpdesk.en@ig.com
Phone: +61 3 9860 1799

IG trading platforms

IG offers 7 types of platforms:

  • Deal Ticket;
  • Charts;
  • News and analysis;
  • IG live;
  • Alerts;
  • Signals;
  • Customisation.
IG Group Review


All platforms are available with a single IG account. Also, you can create a demo Account, that can provide you with the opportunity to try IG web trading platforms in an environment with reduced risk. You get immediate access to a version of IG Bank online platform, along with a pre-set balance of CHF 20,000 in virtual funds to practice with.


Now, IG company serve clients all over the world, from sales offices in 14 countries, based across five continents. More traders trust this Bank with their money than anyone else, making them the world’s No.1 choice for CFD trading.

As we could see the IG company provides different services for their clients. On top of that, we would like to see alternative opinions from users that work with them. As a result, we hope to make it easier for other people to make the right choice. In other words, express your vision about IG Group. Thanks for reading IG Group review!

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3 комментария

Dietl A. 4 мая, 2022 - 10:22 дп

Platform IG is more complicated to use than other trading platforms. Definitely i’ve increased my knowledge in this specific broker platform. Now-and-then I develop my abilities on this platform. Anyways, when things were under my level, I got in touch with their support, so they fixed and helped solve any issue that appeared. Right now, I realized that company IG helped me a lot to increase my knowledge and of course my profits.

Clement Max 4 мая, 2022 - 11:15 дп

Strong side of IG was the low commissions, but nowadays nobody can be surprised with this. They of course claim that their platform is easy to use after some exercise. As I saw, support service is poor. IB need more than two days to reach back to you and most of the time the responses are not clear or they don’t answer your problem at all. I’d suggest if you’re searching for a secure trading platform and try to trade on your own, without their assistance.

Müller Stefan 5 мая, 2022 - 6:07 дп

Being an investment consultant, I have traded with IG on my own as well as my clients’ accounts for 9 years. Was before a cheap alternative for online trading with a very nice platform. Customer service was often under my expectations. Lately, things get unpleasant. They do not work in accordance with industry standards on Margin Requirements. Trade assistance becomes common. I could not see any more from them desire to gain profits for clients. I was forced to ask all my new clients to start trading with an alternative platform more than one year ago.


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